Six Sigma Certification in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Six Sigma Certification in Honolulu

Hawaii might seem like a tropical paradise from the outside, but business owners know just how competitive it really is. With Six Sigma certification in Honolulu, Hawaii for your employees you can become more competitive, more profitable and more successful. What is Six Sigma and how can it help Hawaii-based businesses find greater success?

How Six Sigma Works

At its heart, Six Sigma is about improving processes by eliminating variables and variances that cause defects and bottlenecks. Those issues cost you money and time. For instance, let’s suppose you operated a boat tour company shuttling tourists around the state’s many beautiful beaches and waterways. You’ve noticed that your fuel costs are rising and are afraid that will force you to raise your rates, cutting into your business and profitability.

With Six Sigma certification in Honolulu, Hawaii, you could dig into the situation and determine exactly what is causing the increase in fuel costs is it stronger headwind, higher costs at the pump, inefficient and aging engines? Once you determined what the actual cause is, you can determine the optimum solution and apply it, probably without raising your rates. You get better efficiency, better profitability and your customers get to keep the lower price. Of course, that’s a very basic example of how Six Sigma certification in Honolulu, Hawaii can benefit your company. The truth is that any process within your business can be optimized using Six Sigma principles.

How to Take Advantage of Six Sigma

Now that you can see the need for Six Sigma in your business, you need to know who to implement it in order to leverage those capabilities. There are several options there, but your path will be determined by the size of your business and your needs. There are five different courses open for Six Sigma certification in Honolulu, including white, yellow, green, black and master black belt courses. Each successive course builds on what came before. White and yellow courses are introductory and are best for general staff, while green belt courses are necessary for process teams. Black and master black belt courses teach Six Sigma management techniques and are better for project managers and executives within your business.

With Six Sigma certification, Honolulu businesses can achieve process optimization and then maintain that high level of productivity and stability. You only need to choose the right courses for your employees and sponsor their education.

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