Six Sigma Certification in Hialeah, Florida

The economy is tough, although pundits continue to claim that we’re on the upward path and things are getting better. Regardless of the rhetoric coming from Washington, job seekers know the truth there are more people than ever before in the market for jobs (your job). That means you need to be the most qualified job candidate possible. How do you do that? Education is the key, but the right education is necessary. Take a look at your fellow job seekers. How many MBA holders do you see? How many people are in the same boat with their traditional college degree? You need something different Six Sigma certification in Hialeah, Florida.

What Is Six Sigma?

Now, you might be wondering what Six Sigma certification in Hialeah will do for you and why it matters at all. It’s not a traditional degree, so what’s it worth? Actually, this has become one of the most sought after professional credentials in the world because employers know that individuals certified in Six Sigma bring a great deal to the table. In fact, professionals with a Six Sigma certification spend much less time searching for a job and are far more likely to land a position than even an MBA holder.

The root of all that demand is what Six Sigma does. It’s a process improvement solution. While that’s not unique in and of itself, Six Sigma is unique in the way it works. Other process improvement methods are more akin to guessing or hoping for something to change. Six Sigma forces change, but it does so through scientific and mathematics principles. Through the application of statistics, those who’ve gone through Six Sigma certification in Hialeah, Florida are able to accurately determine the root cause of process breakdowns and bottlenecks. Then, they’re able to test and model solutions to find the one that fits best. Once the solution is applied, they can monitor the process from then on, ensuring continuing optimization.

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What Certification Level Is Right for You?

When you first start considering Six Sigma certification in Hialeah, Florida, you’ll find there are five different levels you can earn. Which is right for you? That depends on your goals as a professional. If you only want to make yourself more marketable, white or yellow belt training will do the trick. However, if you want to dig into the world of process improvement, you’ll need green or black belt certification.

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