Six Sigma Certification Greater Newark

What do such globally recognizable businesses like AstraZeneca, FMC Corp, and DuPont have in common? Yes, they are each billion-dollar enterprises, and they each have established offices in Greater Newark, DE, but they all also use Six Sigma to ensure predictable business results.

What is Six Sigma?

Though it is a very detailed and somewhat complex system, it is also described most often as a proven methodology that, when applied properly, can provide huge savings. The way it does that is not through short-changing customers or cutting corners in any way. Instead, it takes actual statistics from all aspects of a business or organization, and then uses them in a thorough analysis of a specific process or problem.

You see, firms of all size in the Greater Newark, Delaware area may have problems that they just cannot identify.  For instance, a single firm might use a long list of processes across all of its departments. Any one of the processes might be causing a substantial loss in earnings. The Six Sigma system trains staff to create projects that then apply a five-step system known as DMAIC. These steps, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control in order to create predictable and measurable results.

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Six Sigma training in Philadelphia

Naturally, it starts with a look a something that is not working, and for no apparent or clear reason – and then uses careful analysis to turn it around (if possible). The Six Sigma approach to this ensures that the results will be more than just hopeful or mildly successful – the system creates measurable outcomes. As a prime example, firms creating projects using the Six Sigma system can actually set dollar amounts on the level of savings the project aims to create. Imagine what that could mean to a struggling non-profit or a medium sized organization that would be able to thrive if it could improve the bottom line by a specific amount? With Six Sigma, you set goals and get your trained teams to work meeting them.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to start identifying problem areas and creating solutions that rebuild your bottom line? Six Sigma already works with leading firms and organizations in the Greater Newark, DE area. Get in touch with them today to find out how you can start to train in their sessions and courses, and how you can get your staff educated in the same ways. Together you can start to improve earnings and still deliver impressive customer service.

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