Six Sigma Certification in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is the second most populous city in Michigan behind Detroit and the largest in all of West Michigan. More than 190,000 people live in Grand Rapids, but the surrounding area accounts for well over a million. This represents a real opportunity for local businesses here. Spectrum Health, for example, is headquartered in Grand Rapids and is the largest employer West Michigan has with around 17,000 people on staff.

American Seating, Herman Miller, Haworth and Steelcase have all made their home here as well. If you have a manufacturing company that’s trying to stay competitive, the answer you’re looking for may be Six Sigma certification in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Developed by Motorola back in 1986, Six Sigma has become a worldwide phenomenon. Companies like Ford, Unipart and 3M have all used this quality control system to put themselves ahead of the competition.

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However, Six Sigma certification in Grand Rapids, Michigan isn’t just for businesses that manufacture products. Companies like 3M and Bank of America have used the system as well. Even the Army and Marines have been able to improve their performance because of Motorola’s near-30-year-old innovation.

The basic goal of Six Sigma is to implement an approach that results in no more than 3.4 defects per every million opportunities. You’d probably agree that’s something any business could benefit from, especially in as competitive an area as Grand Rapids and given our difficult economy.

Six Sigma certification in Grand Rapids, Michigan doesn’t just improve the processes your business has come to rely on though. It’s also a great strategy for getting more from your employees. They’ll come away with a more analytical approach as well as improved morale because they’ll have an objective reference for how their employer wants them working.

Another great benefit of Six Sigma certification in Grand Rapids, Michigan is how easy it makes collaboration. When Six Sigma becomes a shared language across departments, it becomes easy to organize the exact solution your company needs’even across departments for just about any problem. This is especially beneficial when it’s a problem that seemingly comes out of the blue.

Best of all, implementation protocols are built right into Six Sigma. This isn’t a solution that is going to slow your business to a halt and force you to eat losses while the approach gets settled in. You’ll be benefiting from your certification almost immediately with plenty more results coming in the future.

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