6 Sigma Certification in Fairfield, California

No matter how well your company is doing now, you’d be smart to consider what could happen in the future. After all, many businesses thought they were unstoppable until the recession proved otherwise. While we seem to have come out the other end of that economic disaster, plenty of other issues could spring up for your Fairfield, California company. That’s why it makes sense to improve it now before circumstances beyond your control give you no other choice.

You’re no doubt aware of companies like Siemens, Samsung, Home Depot, Amazon, Kodak and JP Morgan Chase. If you had to make a list of what all these corporations had in common, “success” would probably be right up there at the top. However, another important element they share is called Six Sigma. You can obtain Six Sigma certification in Fairfield, Massachusetts.

At its core, Six Sigma certification in Fairfield, MA is a business approach that involves finding inefficiencies throughout your company and eliminating them as much as possible. When Motorola invented it back in 1986, Six Sigma was meant for manufacturing purposes. It definitely succeeded in this regard too, by bringing the company’s defects down to just 3.4 per every million.

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However, these days, Six Sigma is used for much more than just manufacturing. Companies in the area like Partnership HealthPlan of California, Del Monte, Tolfrey Group and Spectraforce Technologies Inc. have all proven that this approach can work for a multitude of needs by obtaining Six Sigma certification in Fairfield.

Jack Welch also made this abundantly clear in 1995. He had been in charge of General Electric for four years and came to realize that his company’s destiny would be compromised if it couldn’t get on top of its inefficiency problems. Thanks to Six Sigma, not only did Welch fix these issues with GE, he also went on to be named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine. If this man believes in a system, it’s probably worth looking into.

Best of all, Six Sigma doesn’t have to be a burden to implement. It’s expansive, yes, but its very purpose is to get rid of inefficient practices. To this end, one thing that Six Sigma does is set up a hierarchal approach whereby every employee is in charge of not just implementing the practice, but helping others do the same. There is no costly software or hardware necessary. Just adopt an approach that countless other companies have before you.

With Six Sigma certification in Fairfield, you never have to worry that your company’s future is at risk because of its own operations. Begin using it today and you’ll start tackling major problems today so that you can become better prepared for whatever the future may bring.

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