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Would you like to start seeing better results from your entire organization? Of course you would! It could mean improved communications, better customer service and optimal manufacturing. In the end, getting more from your business is how companies end up dominating their market. Unfortunately, it was also the only way many of those here in Davenport, Iowa and the surrounding area made it through the recession.

The next question, then, is where to begin. There are countless resources that claim they can help your business achieve more than ever before. Unfortunately, most don’t have much of a track record. Those that do tend to focus on small areas of your business plan.

While it’s definitely smart to look for any areas within your organization that could be improved, ideally, why not look for a more expansive approach?

After all, many of your neighbors in and around Davenport, IA have. Cerebral Group, LLC, Parker Hannifin and Lafarge are just three companies that have leveraged the powerful collection of business tactics we’re talking about.

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Six Sigma training in Chicago Elmhurst

It’s called Six Sigma certification in Davenport, Iowa and it may be the most successful approach to organizational efficiency in existence. Just the fact that the US Army, the US Air Force and NASA have all used this strategy should speak volumes. Many other successful organizations have too. The following are household names that have Six Sigma to thank for their success, to some degree:

  • IBM
  • HSBC
  • Honda
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Coca-Cola

Of course, Motorola is the company that gets the credit for creating this system in the first place. Back in the mid-80s, the telecommunications giant was struggling. This is never good, but it got worse. They weren’t hurting because of a competitor. The economy wasn’t working against them. Instead, it was their own manufacturing process.

Instead of just accepting this waste as a part of their business, though, Motorola eventually created Six Sigma. Once it was implemented, their creation brought defects down to 3.4 per every one million opportunities. That’s why it doesn’t get much more productive than Six Sigma certification in Davenport.

Don’t worry. Even if your company doesn’t get anywhere near manufacturing, Six Sigma certification in Davenport, IA will still benefit your business. Amazon and Bank of America don’t create anything, yet Six Sigma has worked for them too.

Now it’s your turn. Make 2015 the best year in your company’s history by following in the footsteps of innumerable businesses that have come before you and gaining Six Sigma certification.

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