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Six Sigma Certification Dallas

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Six Sigma Certification in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is at the heart of an economic powerhouse. The entire state of Texas is doing well in that regard. However, it’s still difficult to land the job you want, and often just as hard to move up with your employer. What’s to keep your company from hiring someone more qualified from outside the organization? How do you get them to choose you? The answer is to make yourself as marketable as possible. Interestingly, Six Sigma certification in Dallas helps you do that, and you’ll find that you can earn your certification on your own, or even get your company to sponsor your training.

Getting Your Employer to Sponsor Training

First, let’s address the question of getting your organization to sponsor your training. It can be done. You just need to show the company what’s possible through Six Sigma certification in Dallas. The range of benefits available to organizations is startling, running the gamut from significant cash savings to improving relations with customers, providing higher quality for products and a great deal more. On top of that, Six Sigma principles can be applied to any process within your organization, from product design to manufacturing to accounting and even payroll and HR concerns.

Picking Your Belt Color

Six Sigma certification for Dallas professionals is available in several different configurations. The first option is white belt training, which is an introductory course ideal for those who only need a basic understanding of Six Sigma and how to apply it to their responsibilities. Next, there’s yellow belt training which offers a deeper introduction to Six Sigma. Green belt training is the most common entry point, and is the perfect option for those who’ll be part of a process improvement team, or even team leader. After you earn your green belt, you might choose to move on to your black belt if you want to become a project manager. From that point, it’s only a single step to earning your master black belt. You can also take advantage of combined courses like the green to black belt program, which offers a streamlined process for those who want to earn both belts.

Training Considerations

One aspect that you and your employer will have to work on for Six Sigma certification in Dallas is how training will be delivered. Onsite training is ideal for larger groups, but online training works well for a smaller number (or individual students).

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