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It would be impossible to list all the ways your business in Compton, California could go about trying to improve itself. No matter how successful it may be at the moment, there is always something that can be done to take your business to higher heights. As the recession made clear, this is no longer a luxury. Your business either evolves or runs the risk of becoming nonexistent. Whether it’s a competitor or market forces, something will eventually come along and put your organization in peril, unless you are constantly strengthening it as a priority.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend years hoping to find the best possible method for improving your company. Aside from wasting time, this would be a great way to burn through your budget too.

Instead, just obtain Six Sigma certification in Compton, California. This strategy isn’t lacking for a resume. It has a near 30-year history, for one thing. However, during that time, it’s also been used by Amazon, 3M, Jaguar Cars, Dell, Colgate Palmolive and even NASA. Sufficed to say, then, it’s proven effective more than a few times.

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The other fascinating thing about Six Sigma certification in Compton, CA is that it was invented by an actual, major corporation. Motorola had run into some serious problems in the ‘80s. After it put a Japanese firm in charge of one of its factories, the telecommunications giant became aware of the fact that it had awful quality control. In no time at all, the Japanese had reduced defects to 1/20th what they had been without hurting production.

Motorola began creating a system that would allow their US workers to replicate this success. In 1986, Six Sigma was born. Jack Welch would go on to popularize it further when he leveraged the system as CEO of General Electric. As with Motorola before it, GE was able to reduce waste and find the fast lane to market domination. Welch was so fond of Six Sigma, he went on to write a book on the subject.

If you choose to acquire Six Sigma certification in Compton and adopt it to your own practices, you won’t be alone. In Compton, CA, DISYS, Molina Healthcare and On-Board Services are just three businesses in the area that benefit from this powerful tactic.

Don’t let your business get in its own way. With Six Sigma certification in Compton, you have a proven approach that will cut down on inefficiencies and provide your personnel with a framework for achieving more.

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