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Six Sigma Certification in Chicago

The Windy City has been a home to industry for a very long time now. From tourism to finance, manufacturing to security and healthcare, Chicago, Illinois is a bustling place. However, that’s not without its drawbacks. While there are plenty of job openings out there, there’s also stiff competition for those jobs. Increasingly, it makes sense of professionals to leverage the relationship they’ve already established with their current employer. One way to do that is to earn Six Sigma certification in Chicago.

Benefit Yourself and Your Organization

When you earn your Six Sigma certification in Chicago, you’re benefiting more than just yourself. Of course, you gain the most in-demand skillset out there, boosting your ability to market yourself with your current employer, but you also benefit your organization. Six Sigma is all about process improvement – it’s about determining what’s actually causing variances, variations, errors and defects within a specific project. Once those have been determined, you can test solutions and then apply the right fix to the problem. In the short term, this offers better quality and better profitability. In the long term, it offers greater success and customer satisfaction for customers, clients and even employees.

Obviously, any organization can benefit from the application of Six Sigma, and you’ll find there are a number of different certification options that can be good choices depending on your current position and your career trajectory.

The Options Available

When you and your organization begin looking into Six Sigma certification in Chicago, it’s important to understand the different courses out there. You’ll find white and yellow belt certification courses, which are excellent options for general staff who need to make improvements to processes they work with day in and day out. You’ll also find green belt training, which is the option aspiring Six Sigma team members should pursue. Black belt training is next on the list, but you’ll have to go through green belt training first. Finally, there’s master black belt training, which is a good option for administrators and executives.

Of course, you’ll need to give a good deal of thought to the training provider you choose when pursuing Six Sigma certification in Chicago. There are many different companies out there, and they’re far from being equal. Choose an industry leader with a portfolio of recognized national and international clients to ensure you’re getting the quality training necessary.

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