Businesses in Centennial Will Benefit from Six Sigma

Just like any other business out there, you probably want yours to remain in operation for years to come. While you may be grateful for making it through the recession, that’s no reason to simply count your blessings and continue hoping for the best. Instead, take a lesson from the economic downturn: you can never be too prepared for the future.

Of course, following this kind of advice is no easy task. You could do all kinds of things in an attempt to fortify your business against what the future may have in store. Fortunately, there’s one option out there that is practically guaranteed to work. We know this because of its three-decade history and long list of successful companies.

Wouldn’t you love for your Centennial, Colorado company to have something in common with Sony? How about Merrill Lynch? Hewlett Packard? 3M? Amazon? Even NASA and the United States Army benefit from this amazing technology.

The protocol we’re talking about is Six Sigma certification in Centennial, Colorado. This collection of techniques was invented by Motorola in the mid-‘80s. It was born out of necessity as Motorola found themselves in a situation many of you may be able to relate to. Their own manufacturing practices were standing between them and greater profits. They knew that, eventually, this would hurt their market share and, someday, perhaps even worse.

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Six Sigma training in Las Vegas

Fortunately, their research, investment in and design of Six Sigma proved worth it. The corporation reduced defects all the way down to 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

It wouldn’t be until almost a decade later, though, that Six Sigma became a buzzword throughout the business world. That’s when Jack Welch, then the CEO of General Electric, chose Six Sigma as his weapon of choice for battling the same type of problem in his own company. Aside from his success, Welch was also named “Manger of the Century” by Fortune Magazine. He’d go on to write a book about his adaption of Six Sigma.

The good news is that Six Sigma certification in Centennial, CO can work for your company too, even though you may not be a huge corporation. You don’t even need a manufacturing wing. Some of your neighbors like Kaiser Permanente, CBRE and Anaren have all been able to improve their performance with Six Sigma certification in Centennial.

Once this powerful system is implemented, your company will be on the path toward greater successes and bigger profits for years to come. It all begins with Six Sigma certification in Centennial.

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