6Sigma Certification in Carrollton, Texas

Every company has one goal in common: to increase profits. This can be done a lot of ways, but you can’t go wrong with decreasing the number of things that go wrong throughout your business process. That’s a tall order, of course, but countless companies around the world have found success by utilizing Six Sigma. This would include Amazon, Black and Decker, Bank of America and Chevron. Six Sigma certification in Carrollton, Texas is also popular. Companies like Capitol One, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Neovia Logistics Services have all come to appreciate how this form of technology can bring them better results from their efforts.

The history of this methodology can be traced back to 1986, when Motorola was looking for a way to maintain production levels while limiting the number of defects that would occur. After looking for options outside of their company, Motorola went and invented their own approach, now known as Six Sigma.

Since then, this system has been refined and spread throughout the world. While it was originally meant for engineering purposes, companies have adapted it to a wide range of needs that involve keeping their customers happy and their returns happy.

Six Sigma certification in Carrollton, TX introduces a belt system to rank people who undertake its training. Starting out, you’re a Green Belt, denoting the fact that you’re new. Green Belts are guided by the next level, Black Belts, in applying Six Sigma principles into just about everything they do at work.

Black Belts are mentored by Master Black Belts. At this point, they’re not just using Six Sigma on major products, but dedicating all their time toward improving at this skill. Aside from training those below them, Master Black Belts also work on their statistical analysis and ensuring that Six Sigma is being applied correctly throughout their company.

Six Sigma Champions are upper management trainees who have been chosen by upper management itself. They, too, train those below them, but are also concerned with enterprise-wide success of Six Sigma.

The king of the hill in Six Sigma is Executive Leadership. Aside from their typical duties, they are in charge of leading the implementation strategy throughout their company.

As you can see, Six Sigma certification in Carrollton provides more than just a vague approach to business or list of platitudes. Instead, it’s a highly regimented methodology for getting more from your business efforts. If your company is ready to explore what’s possible, look into Six Sigma certification in Carrollton today.

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