6Sigma Certification in Brownsville Texas

Despite the rough economy these last six or seven years, Texas has managed to fare rather well and their recovery is proceeding rapidly too. When you consider the Matamoros-Brownsville Metropolitan Area, there are more than 1,100,000 people living here. As such, it’s no surprise that Brownsville, with the 16th highest population in Texas, is also home to a number of different businesses.

If you count yours among them, it’s important that you consider the benefits of Six Sigma certification in Brownsville, Texas. This quality control system has been helping businesses like yours for over three decades, when Motorola first developed it for their own purposes.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Six Sigma certification in Brownsville, Texas is only for manufacturing companies. The name itself is rooted in engineering and Motorola did indeed invent the system to help them produce better products. Originally, this highly precise approach was aimed at achieving fewer than 3.4 defects for every 1,000,000 units. Today, though, “units” has been replaced by  opportunities meaning Six Sigma is just as helpful for agricultural companies, those in the tech industry and just about anyone else.

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Six Sigma certification in Brownsville, Texas is also a great opportunity for individuals. Whether your goal is to move up in the company, get a job at one or even start your own, this system will go a long way toward building your resume and giving you the tools you need to be a more proficient worker. Companies have also noticed that Six Sigma certification in Brownsville, Texas makes for higher employee morale. One reason this could be is that it ensures they are on the same page as their management, in terms of certain goals and how to approach them. It also helps employees get more done and do a better job, something that inspires self-confidence. Six Sigma can make collaborative work much easier too, even when it’s between employees from completely different departments. Again, because they have this shared language between them, the work can begin earlier and with far fewer problems.

Businesses should all look forward to Six Sigma certification, though, because it will help them focus on critical processes they may be taking for granted. Many of these processes might contain flaws and even minor ones could cost your company. Six Sigma was created to find them and provide solutions. Whether you’re thinking as an individual or have a business in mind, Six Sigma certification will go a long way toward making both a lot better.

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