Six Sigma Certification in Billings Is an Automatic Advantage

If you’ve heard of Six Sigma certification in Billings before, but haven’t yet obtained it, there may be a number of reasons behind your hesitation. Hopefully, you understand that your company has to evolve. Even if you think your organization is operating at the height of efficiency, tomorrow could bring all kinds of problems. While the recession taught us many things, one of them should definitely be that you can’t put too much faith in the future.

The good news is that Six Sigma certification in Billings has probably the best reputation any business practice could. Unlike many options that have sprung up since the recession, this one has seen its fair share of economic downturns, yet remains one of the most popular choices for companies of every size, in any industry.

Before you invest in Six Sigma certification in Billings, Montana, though, it’s understandable you may want to know why this decision has been made by so many companies before you.

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For that, we need to travel back a few decades. It was during the late 1970s, when Motorola made a fateful decision. They decided to bring in a Japanese firm to take over one of their factories in the US.

Almost immediately, it was clear something was different. The Japanese firm obviously had their own way of doing things, but far more important was the result: they dropped defects by 95%.

When Bob Galvin took over the company in 1981, he wasn’t satisfied with having just one factory that was working miracles. He wanted that performance spread evenly throughout his company. Over the next five years, finding a better way to run a business became a major priority. The result was a practice known as Six Sigma, which reduced Motorola’s defects to just 3.4 per every one million.

Today, countless companies around the globe use Six Sigma practices to better their businesses. Sony, Amazon, GE, Ford Motor Company and Colgate Palmolive are just a handful of them. Even NASA has been able to improve on their performance by using Six Sigma. In Billings, Kforce, Golden State FC LLC and the Billings Clinic also use these tactics to get more from their investments.

Although your business could choose to better itself all kinds of ways, obtaining Six Sigma certification in Billings, MT should probably be the obvious choice. It’s cost-effective and comes with the best track record of any option you’re likely to find.

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