Six Sigma Certification Berkeley, California

Every company these days would like a leg up on the competition. This is always true, of course, but after the economy was nearly destroyed during the recession, most companies these days desperately need a way to ensure they are operating at 100%. Otherwise, whatever the next threat may be, it might turn out to be the last one a business goes up against.

For many, it’s not realizing that their company needs help. Instead, it’s trying to figure out what resource would be best for bringing about the changes they want to see.

While you have countless solutions to choose from, it’s easy to recommend Six Sigma. After all, some of the most successful companies in the world have used this strategy. They include Amazon, Dell, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and even NASA. If your company could benefit from something those businesses all have in common, wouldn’t that make sense?

The first company to ever use Six Sigma was Motorola. They were also the ones that invented this legendary system. During the ‘80s, Motorola ran into a problem a lot of companies do at some point: they had become their own biggest problem.  When they took a close look into what was holding their company back, the answer was their own inefficiencies.

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To address this challenge, Motorola created a collection of business strategies that targeted and reduced or eliminated any wastefulness. The solution worked and Motorola got back on track in 1986.

Almost 10 years later, Jack Welch would employ the same approach with General Electric, as it was facing similar problems. Not only did Welch repair GE’s problems, but he also made Six Sigma one of the most popular business methodologies of all time.

Despite these stories, Six Sigma isn’t just for major multinational corporations. Plenty of businesses have Six Sigma certification in Berkeley, California. McKesson, PG&E Corp and even Twitter are just a few examples. Thanks to their Six Sigma certification in Berkeley, CA, they have been able to accomplish more.

Why not begin doing the same? Six Sigma certification in Berkeley doesn’t necessitate any expensive hardware, so implementation is always cost-effective. It involves a regimented, hierarchal system that also makes it easy for all of your employees to get brought onboard in a timely fashion.

With Six Sigma certification in Berkeley on your company’s side, you have every reason to look forward to 2015 as a banner year. This strategy’s track record speaks for itself.

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