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Baltimore, Maryland, sits at the confluence of multiple industries, from defense contractors to government to science and technology, manufacturing, retail and more. However, for all that, the job market is still tough. Even getting ahead with your current organization is hard to do if you don’t invest in ongoing education and training. That’s where Six Sigma certification for Baltimore professionals comes in. If you’re looking for a way to provide greater benefits to your organization in return for more chances at promotion and success, this is it.

What Does Six Sigma Do, Anyway?

If you’re not familiar with Six Sigma, it’s time to learn more about it. Chances are good it’s already at work in your organization and you’re just not aware of it. Six Sigma is a process improvement model that allows you to apply science and mathematics to determine the actual cause of variations, errors and defects within that process. By testing and making needed changes, you optimize the process and create benefits for your organization. Those benefits range from accurate output predictability to huge cash savings over time, and even better customer satisfaction.

Interestingly, Six Sigma began in the manufacturing industry, but has since moved into all industries. It’s equally applicable in the auto-manufacturing world as it is in medical care and food service. It’s capable of optimizing virtually any process at all. The benefits to your organization can come in a variety of ways, including money and time saved. However, there are also benefits that are somewhat harder to quantify, including greater customer loyalty, better productivity, long-term stability and the like.

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Getting Your Six Sigma Certification in Baltimore

For those who’ve decided that earning their Six Sigma certification is the way to go, there are several choices that must be made. The first will be your choice of training course. There are five belts that you can earn, but you can only go into the first three without any previous experience. You can enroll in a white, yellow or green belt program without completing any other courses previously. You can also enroll in a green to black belt program, and then in a black to master black belt program if you really want to pursue the highest certification possible within Six Sigma.

Earning your Six Sigma certification in Baltimore is the best way to provide benefits to your current organization and leverage that relationship into a better employment position.

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