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If you consider the booming economy of the Augusta, Maine area, you already know that lots of business owners and managers are making the right financial and professional decisions. Because business does demand so many decisions, it is impossible to point out just which of the choices are being made lead to such strong economic and industrial growth in Maine’s capital. It is obvious, however, that good business decisions are being made.

One set of choices, though, is easy to identify as a significant part of the region’s business success. Which choices? Those on the part of such global giants as T-Mobile and Verizon, which have established themselves in the area and seen major growth. These companies have impressive track records, and they also happen to be using Six Sigma.

What is Six Sigma? This is a remarkable company that offers training in the world-famous Six Sigma methodology. This is something that is now known as being responsible for improving business processes of almost any kind, and saving tremendous sums of money for the businesses using them. Even more interesting is that the customers of these businesses experience a higher level of customer satisfaction because of the organizations’ Six Sigma training.

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While you might think that your firm doesn’t need another series of seminars offering solutions, the Six Sigma method is nothing like those other training options. Instead, it is a proven approach to uncovering flawed processes or approaches used in your business, even when they are not obviously problems. The reason a seemingly workable method is failing to yield results can be tough to understand, and Six Sigma is a way to make things very clear to all of the staff who have received training.

In Augusta, ME, companies like Verizon and T-Mobile have long been using this methodology to create strong teams, dependable leaders, and a truly superior method of problem-solving. Relying on the Six Sigma method or steps known by the acronym DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control), these firms and others like them in the Augusta, Maine area have enjoyed tremendous success.

Are you looking to improve the performance of your business in Augusta, ME? If so, you will most definitely want to copy some of the largest and most profitable firms in the area and begin giving your team and staff the opportunity to train under the Six Sigma methods for profitability and problem-solving.

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