Six Sigma Certification in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Like most companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan, yours is probably always on the hunt for ways to reduce setbacks, challenges and defects, while improving customer satisfaction. As long as you can cover these vital areas, high profits and an enviable reputation are basically guaranteed. The problem is that most companies don’t have a disciplined method for meeting these aims on a regular basis. This leads them to instead take stabs in the dark and then do their best to learn from their results, whatever they may be. That’s not an approach that exactly screams efficiency.

Fortunately, a time-tested and reliable solution exists by way of Six Sigma certification in Ann Arbor, MI. Huge companies all over the world use Six Sigma, including 3M, Amazon and Canon. There is also a number of local businesses right here that have Six Sigma certification for Ann Arbor, Michigan that make use of this technology. The University of Michigan, Tenneco Inc. and NSF International have all relied on Six Sigma to create better products and services while keeping pace with customer demands.

Over the years, Six Sigma certification in Ann Arbor has been applied countless ways. However its focus has always remained the same: to limit defects and increase overall efficiency in any manufacturing or production process. This hardly does the system justice though. Six Sigma is designed to keep defects to just 3.4 per every one million opportunities.

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Still, you may not be convinced that this type of solution is right for your needs. After all, there are more business solutions to choose from these days than ever before and most of them make some pretty big claims. Consider, then, that those who are considered “black belts” in Six Sigma save their employers roughly $230,000 per project. Most can also do at least four projects a year, so you’re looking at close to a million dollars saved thanks to just having one staff member trained in this important discipline. Imagine if you have a dozen or so. Keep in mind, too, that this doesn’t even get into how much time they can save you on each project or the effect they might have on the rest of your staff.

Although Six Sigma was originally a methodology explicitly for the manufacturing world to use (it was invented by Motorola), today, more and more companies have learned to adapt it for their own unique uses. This means that, no matter what industry you’re in or business plan you use, you can benefit from getting Six Sigma certification in Ann Arbor.

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