Six Sigma Certification in Anchorage, Alaska

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Six Sigma Certification In Anchorage

Anchorage is one of Alaska’s largest cities, and home to a growing number of businesses. Many different industries have come to call Anchorage home in the last few years, from fisheries to tourism, from staffing companies to wilderness hunting and tour companies. However, despite the different industries, every business in the city has one thing in common – the need to run more profitably, and with fewer errors in its processes. That’s where Six Sigma certification for Anchorage professionals comes into play.

Why Company Decision Makers Should Sponsor Six Sigma Certification for Anchorage Employees

While you can certainly hire workers with Six Sigma credentials, you’ll find it’s actually a better idea to sponsor your existing staff through training. Why should you pay for Six Sigma certification for Anchorage workers? There are numerous reasons.

First, you know your current employees. You know their strengths, their weaknesses, their aptitudes and their abilities. You know what you’re getting, and you can build on that foundation. With a new hire, you know nothing more than what’s on their resume, which we all know can be complete bunk.

Second, by sponsoring your employees through Six Sigma certification in Anchorage, you build a more successful team. Ongoing professional training has been proven to offer significant advantages, and with this training, you’re giving your employees the tools necessary to become not only more valuable assets, but more successful professionals.

What Six Sigma Certification Is Right for Your Employees?

A quick look at the various types of Six Sigma certification for Anchorage workers will show you several different ranks, called “belts.” There’s white, yellow, green, black and master black, but your employees don’t all need the same training. If you’ll be forming a process improvement team, then you need a master black belt holder to act as the project manager, and all of your team members should have green belt training. Supporting personnel (those delivering data to the team) should have white or yellow belt training.

Of course, the training company you choose is just as important as the decision to send your employees through Six Sigma certification in Anchorage. Not all Six Sigma trainers are created equal. Some only offer training within the US, which means they don’t meet international standards. Others make big promises, but fail to deliver on them. Look at the client list for any Six Sigma trainer, and make sure there are recognizable names there. You should also make sure the company offers training outside the borders of the US, and has a good reputation in the international community.

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