Lean Six Sigma Certification in West Valley, Utah

While business is certainly picking up in West Valley, Utah, most companies here would love any opportunity to improve their operations. Of course, this is usually easier said than done. However, there’s one important change you could make to your company and begin benefiting from it almost immediately.

Since 1986, countless companies have put Six Sigma to use for their business goals and been better off for it. Many companies with Six Sigma certification in West Valley, UT can count themselves among this list. They include the likes of:

  • Packsize, LLC
  • Sunroc Building Materials
  • L-3 Communications

These are just a few though. Right now, there are also thousands more all over the planet that use this powerful collection of business techniques. McDonnell Douglass, Merrill Lynch, LG Electronics, Delta Airlines and even NASA all have Six Sigma to thank for at least part of their success.

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Six Sigma training in Las Vegas

Back when the system was invented, Motorola was looking for a way to pull ahead of competitors and out of the slump it had found itself in. After assessing the situation, they concluded that their manufacturing practices were a big part of the problem. In order to address this, they came up with a number of methods that became known as Six Sigma.

At its heart, Six Sigma certification in West Valley, Utah is about simplification. That may sound a bit, well, simple, but it’s actually a very powerful approach. The system forces the user to look over their company and find any areas where ambiguity in a business process exists. For example, when it comes to manufacturing, there may be a step in the assembly line where a worker is given too much freedom to decide what to do. This is where mistakes can easily be made. Furthermore, these areas make it difficult for new staff members to get through the learning curve.

How effective is Six Sigma certification in West Valley? In just this one area, Six Sigma’s stated goal is to limit defects to no more than 3.4 per every million opportunities. That’s definitely isn’t a humble goal, but remember those international brands we mentioned above. On top of that, many companies actually report limiting their defects by even more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg where Six Sigma certification in West Valley is concerned though. The approach has worked across industries and offers a number of ways to improve how your company creates products or provides services, making it a methodology every business should explore.

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