Lean Six Sigma Certification in Vancouver, Washington

Although a population of just over 160,000 may not make Vancouver, Washington seem like a very big city, its metropolitan area is one of the top 25 largest in the country. Vancouver also made a 2005 list compiled by Money Magazine as one of the top 100 places to live in America. The major employer here is PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. The public system represents a number of employees in Vancouver.

One challenge for businesses in Vancouver is not only battling local competitors, but those that are based out of nearby Portland. Thanks to the low sales tax in Oregon, many Vancouver residents prefer to cross the border for their purchases. As such, you’d be smart to take any advantage your company can get. Perhaps the best example to consider is Six Sigma certification in Vancouver, Washington.

Six Sigma is a quality control strategy designed to seek out and eliminate systematic problems within a company. Every business has certain processes they rely on. This could be a manual process that is handled by employees from start to finish. This could also refer to automated systems. Often times, it’s a combination of the two.

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Six Sigma training in Seattle

However, these systems usually have entrenched flaws that are hampering how effective they could otherwise be. Some companies don’t even know these flaws are there. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses view these issues as problems with no solutions.

That’s where Six Sigma certification in Vancouver, Washington can help. When Motorola invented Six Sigma back in 1986, it would be fair to say they had high expectations. This ambitious company wanted their manufacturing process to produce no more than 3.4 defects per million units made.

If you replace  units with  opportunities , you can see how this strategy can benefit just about any company. Six Sigma certification in Vancouver, Washington can be used to help improve your customer support, marketing, sales and more.

Best of all, this system isn’t difficult to implement. If you were tempted to ignore the potential Six Sigma certification in Vancouver, Washington represents, it was probably because you were thinking about putting your company into a holding pattern while you got busy trying to implement a brand new approach to business.

Fortunately, implementation protocols are a standard part of Six Sigma. Like countless companies before you over the past three decades, you don’t have to worry that benefiting from Six Sigma will start with a significant cost.

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