Lean Six Sigma Certification in Huntington Beach, California

Named for the railroad magnate, Henry E. Huntington, Huntington Beach is today home to around 194,000 people, giving it the distinction of being the most populated beach city in all of Orange County. Though its days as an oil town are largely behind it, the Pacific Ocean off Huntington Beach’s shores still has some oil platforms in operation. Tourism is also a big part of the city’s economy, as are top employers like Boeing, Quicksilver and C & D Aerospace.

If your company is located here, you should think about what Six Sigma certification in Huntington Beach, California could do to help carve out a bigger part of the market. While Six Sigma was designed by Motorola back in the 80s, in the almost 30 years since its inception, the quality control protocol has benefited countless companies in just about every industry, not just manufacturing.

Currently, there is no training schedule available for Huntington Beach. However, we do have ongoing training in nearby locations. Check out available training in a nearby location

Six Sigma training in Los Angeles

The goal of Six Sigma is to keep defects in opportunities down to 3.4 per every one million. While this is definitely manufacturing language (the name itself is derived from manufacturing, as well), it would be a mistake to not see how this approach could benefit banks, hotels, graphic design firms and more. With Six Sigma certification in Huntington Beach, California your company can benefit from an objective approach to analyzing every process it depends on for meeting its business goals. Many of these could contain significant flaws you’re currently unaware of. Even small amounts of waste will pile up over time, making you vulnerable to any competitor that isn’t dealing with these issues. Once identified, Six Sigma teaches you how to address these opportunities.

Employees can benefit from Six Sigma certification in Huntington Beach, California, as well. The vast majority of them no doubt would love the chance to do their jobs better, especially in this economy. Six Sigma certification always looks good on a résumé, too.

However, it will also show your employees how to work better together. The leaders you depend on to manage these important resources will have a concrete strategy for leveraging their staff. Your employees will benefit from clear-cut directions where their role is concerned and collaboration becomes easier when everyone is on the same page.

In the end, Six Sigma certification in Huntington Beach, California may represent less of a “good opportunity” and more of a necessity as globalization has made it clear that only the most efficient companies will succeed in competition. Enroll for Six Sigma Huntington beach Certification.

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