Lean Six Sigma Certification in Cape Coral, Florida

Located in Lee County, Florida, Cape Coral is a little less than 60 years old, but still home to about 155,000 people. The economy here is largely made up of local government services, retail, health care and construction. Publix Supermarkets was the only privately owned business in the top five of Cape Coral companies back in 2009.

If your business could benefit from some extra help in fending off the competition, Six Sigma certification in Cape Coral, Florida may be just the solution you’re looking for. Since 1986, Six Sigma has benefited countless companies looking to do the exact same thing .When Motorola came up with this system, the company couldn’t have had a more ambitious goal. They wanted to limit their manufacturing errors to just 3.4 for every one million units. While it may have seemed impossible at the time, the success of both Motorola and Six Sigma since then says otherwise.

Fortunately, Six Sigma certification in Cape Coral, Florida isn’t just about manufacturing. You could just as easily take the 3.4 defects number and apply it to customer service or sales. All a company needs to have Six Sigma work for them is the discipline to apply it and processes they use on a regular basis. Through certification, you and your staff will actually learn how to spot potential flaws in a business process. Then you’ll be given the tools you need to remove that flaw or otherwise turn it into an opportunity.

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For further proof that Six Sigma isn’t just about manufacturing, consider that the following companies have all used it to one extent or another: Amazon.com, Bank of America, 3M, Deere & Company, Boeing and Caterpillar, Inc. There are dozens of other famous examples and thousands more of companies that use Six Sigma to see better results.

Six Sigma certification in Cape Coral, Florida will also help you understand how easy it is to implement this system. If you were concerned that Six Sigma would take weeks or even months to implement during which your company would watch money and opportunities wane you’re worrying for nothing.

There are too many reasons to go for your Six Sigma certification in Cape Coral, Florida to list, but when it comes right down to it, this system will make your company a better one. From the processes your business uses regularly to the employees you depend on for everything, Six Sigma is how you optimize them.

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