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You know that a problem tends to have a solution, even if the solution is not always what you want it to be. However, what if you know there is a problem but you have been unable to identify just what it is? If you find your business facing a mystery issue that saps your bottom line but is impossible to detect, you may want to choose the same solutions that several large businesses in and organizations in Burlington, VT chose.

What solutions? They used Six Sigma training and programs to identify problems, create projects that would address the problems effectively, and then watch as the financial strains of those issues disappeared. The Six Sigma methodology is a proven one and it uses analysis and statistics to determine everything from where a problem exists to how to overcome it.

Whether you are a medical firm that feels it is wasting such vital resources as medicines or even blood that expires before they can be used or you are a manufacturing firm that has a flawed process or two, the Six Sigma method or five steps (known by the acronym DMAIC) will be able to help you succeed.

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That acronym stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control; and it is easy to see how such steps would help any situation. Where the Six Sigma system sets itself apart is in its creation of highly trained leaders who are experts at every level. This allows you to build truly effective teams that know exactly which tactics to employ in order to create measurable outcomes. Did you discover that one area of business is underperforming to the tune of $25k or more? You can set your Six Sigma trained team to work finding a solution.

Consider that firms in Burlington, Vermont (which is a thriving city in which such a commercial giant as Ben & Jerry’s was founded) are using Six Sigma solutions each day. They get their staff the appropriate levels of training and use this to build an optimally successful team. Everyone learns how to play a part and how to ensure that the company begins saving money while continuing to provide optimal customer service.

If your Burlington, VT firm or organization has problems that are proving hard to identify or solve, it is time to use the Six Sigma approach. Visit the website today to discover the many options available and to get started on ensuring your success.

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