Lean Objectives

Lean Agent Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students should:

Lean and Six Sigma are extremely balanced methodologies that provide better results when combined than when used alone. 6Sigma.us provides a complete assortment of Lean and Six Sigma training programs. We also offer support for businesses just starting the implementation process.

Have the skills required to use Lean tools and data to decrease expenses, reduce cycle times, increase volume, and improve efficiency in Service, Operations, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing sectors.

Understand that Lean Flow and Six Sigma are very complementary methodologies and have a basic knowledge required to determine when and how to utilize the two systems together to achieve faster results.

Ability to collect relevant data to define the processes.

Knowledge of methods and calculations required to determine resources, non-valued added, and the “hidden processes” in an operation, as well as the material/resources needed to deploy and support a Lean Flow Stream. Students will also have the ability to apply these techniques.

Understanding required to define the metrics behind the operation in an industry to attain the highest level of improvement possible.

Comprehend the fundamentals of change management and how to overcome opposition to command a fruitful implementation.

Acquire skills needed to augment output following the placement of a new Value Stream.

Recognize the practices needed to effectively relate Lean to transactional and administrative processes.

Introduction to advanced features of Lean Flow.

Chance to examine particular topics of interest, as well as potential projects with expert Master Black Belt trainers to begin on a recognized route for success.

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