Killeen, TX Businesses Using Six Sigma to Roll with the Punches

Killeen, Texas, a city in Bell County, has a population over 120,000 people, and is located right next to Fort Hood. Since the military post was first opened in the 1940s, the Killeen economy has become completely dependent on the Fort. Over the decades as Fort Hood becomes more active, the city prospers, and when the post becomes less active, the local economy plummets.

This volatile economy has made it very difficult for local businesses to find their footing and thrive because they know that things could change in very quickly. These businesses, through reliant on the military post, have started investing in other strategies, such as process improvement, to cut their costs and become more efficient. Using programs like Six Sigma training in Killeen, TX, these companies have more flexibility and are in a better position to scale up or down depending on the base’s activity.

Six Sigma training can help your company operate at a higher level of efficiency and become more sustainable during economic downturns. Not only does Killeen experience a volatile economy, but the entire nation’s businesses struggled during the recession that hit in 2008. Six Sigma processes are being adopted by more and more businesses to give them more internal control over costs.

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Data-Driven Approach

Businesses are implementing Six Sigma training in Killeen because they like that the approach is based in statistics and measurement. By using company data and statistical tests, companies can identify what processes are inefficient and wasteful. This is helping them make more effective decisions and boost their productivity. Instead of using trial and error, these organizations are confidently making decisions based on what the data is telling them.

Practical Solutions

Compared to other types of process improvement programs, the Six Sigma approach has a strong focus on practical application. Not every process change will be revolutionary, but the program has been so effective because it creates a culture and mechanism for continually looking for improvements. These little increases in efficiency add up to thousands or millions of dollars in savings over time.

Customized Programs and Implementation

If you are looking for Six Sigma training in Killeen, Texas, you will find many providers who can structure a program to meet your organization’s specific needs. Programs can be taught online, in person, or onsite. Depending on the rigorousness of the program, training can last between one to four weeks, and there are also options for accelerated training. Businesses should speak with a provider to determine what type of training in Killeen would be most appropriate.

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