Don’t Learn Statistics Learn Minitab

Don’t Learn Statistics take Minitab Essentials Training and Learn Minitab

Are you wondering what is Minitab? Every industry has software specific to it. Graphic designers use Adobe software products, administrators and office personnel use Excel or Word, and Six Sigma professionals use Minitab. It’s an essential tool in process improvement, making it essential to any Six Sigma program. We even have a book about Applying Six Sigma using Minitab.

One important note here pertains to training providers in the Six Sigma industry. Undergoing training is the only way to earn your belt, but not all training providers are the same, as some focus exclusively on teaching you how to work with statistics. While it’s important that you’re familiar with how to manipulate this data, your education should not focus exclusively on hand manipulation. Rather, it should focus on teaching you how to use the industry leading software, Minitab, for this purpose. While there are other software platforms available, none of them enjoy the significant market share that this platform does.

Finding success in the world of Six Sigma requires that you have the right tools for the job. While your training is essential, it should include a full Minitab training, an introduction, and an explanation of how to use the capabilities of this powerful software solution. With it, you can offer process improvement to any business, organization or government agency. If you are already Six Sigma certified, but would like to learn Minitab, please click the button below:

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