Lean Sensei

SixSigma.us will continue to deliver training virtually through July & August for all classes until further notice from federal, state, and local authorities in regards to COVID-19. The dates associated with a city location will be revised to virtual. There are some exceptions, please Contact Us if you have questions.

Lean SenseiLean Sensei [ ]

6Sigma.us‘ Lean Sensei is the final step in our journey towards becoming a Lean Sensei.

Upon completion of this program, students should:

  • be in a position to become the right hand of top management on all things Lean
  • have expert skills necessary to utilize Lean methodologies and figures to decrease expenses, reduce cycle times, increase volume, and improve production in Service, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Operations.
  • be able to expand their abilities as professionals so that they are able to share their unique projects, perspectives and experience.
  • be able to provide direction, analysis, and reporting for projects and how they tie to organizational strategic initiatives.
  • know the fundamentals of change leadership/change management and how to overcome opposition to spearhead a successful deployment.
4 Days Oct-19-2020 Chicago, IL $3200 Register