Online LIVE Systems Thinking Webinar

The System Thinking Live Virtual Instructor-Led training is 2 Days (12 hours), delivered by one of our Master Black Belt instructors via Zoom.

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Systems Thinking Webinar

The System Thinking course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of systems thinking principles and methodologies. It explores the interconnectedness of various factors within a system and emphasizes moving away from linear thinking and simplistic cause-and-effect relationships. The course focuses on systems dynamics, which involves visually representing the relationships between different influences in a system. Additionally, participants will learn about the seven thinking modes essential for adopting a systems thinking mindset. The course also equips participants with conversational tools to navigate challenging discussions that may arise when exploring system-related issues within organizations.

Systems Thinking Webinar Features

  • $997 Special Pricing
  • You will earn 1 CEU and 12 PDUs from IACET and PMI respectively
  • A computer with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required
  • Zoom is used to deliver this Webinar. Click here to find the Zoom system requirements

The 6Sigma.us to Systems Thinking Webinar will be a 2-day course.

Course Time (Given by each time zone):

10 am – 4 pm (Eastern)
9 am – 3 pm (Central)
7 am – 1 pm (Pacific)

Our Systems Thinking course covers the following topics:

  • Definition of a system
  • The key question asked for systems issues
  • Levels of action on a system: events, patterns, structure, mental models
  • The seven thinking modes of effective systems thinkers
  • Causal Loop Diagrams, the building blocks of systems dynamics
  • Archetypes, the most common ways in which systems operate
  • The steps for designing a systems intervention
  • Vision Deployment Matrix, a tool for documenting a systems intervention
  • The laws of systems
  • The ways of a systems thinker
  • Communications tools for systems thinkers

At the end of this course, the attendees will have the tools and thinking modes needed to explore organizational challenges that cannot be addressed by traditional problem-solving methods.

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There is a $100 rescheduling fee if you are not able to attend your scheduled session.

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