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the instructor was great... experiences shared highlighted deep industry experience. soemone from a university background only would not have the knowledge or ability to speak with passion regarding the areas to watch. the material is very applicable to

Daniel | 5

The way the instructor presented the material. Very clear and concise.

Ruben | 5

Marshall was a great instructor. It's difficult to keep a class engaged on heavy material for 8 hours a day for two weeks but he did this super well with questions to the group, practical examples and anecdotes, team/partner exercises, and comedy. He was

Eliza | 5

The information was presented in an engaging and interesting way, and I liked the class activities to make for a dynamic learning experience.

Eliza | 5

Greg was a superb instructor. Real master of the material and clearly conveyed the course content.

Jason | 5

Alain | 5

DOE Topic

Edsel | 5


Julie | 5

Hands-on time, her ability to give real-life examples

Leslie | 5

The instructor was thorough, easy to understand, knew the material really well and was engaging. I learned a lot and appreciated the way the material was presented. Very impressed with the instructor.

Betsabe | 5

Greg did an excellent job of explaining the subject matter in a way that makes it easier to understand. He was also great at being able to relate it back to each of our individual positions, facilities, or projects so that we could each get a clear pictur

Andy | 5

The instructor is great! I am also enjoying the exposure to Minitab as well though.

Andy | 5

The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave examples that pertained to participants business. The instructor got everyone involved and made sure they understood the tools. This is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended.

Elizabeth | 5

Practical course handouts and information relevant to a good 6 sigma project. Great hands on use of the tools. I especially liked the trainer, Greg Foster. He used examples that were reflective of all the participants in the course. He also explained

Elizabeth | 5

The instructor's ability to convey information in a way that was easily understandable, and his knowledge on the matter.

Bristan | 5

The instructor's knowledge and ability to relate and communicate the information.

Bristan | 5

Marshall Fauck, the instructor, was amazing. He did a fantastic job of making complex ideas easy to understand, was very knowledgeable and engaging. A terrific teacher who is passionate about the subject and about his work.

Stephen | 5

Great discussions throughout the class allowed us to see the real-world applications of the methodology.

Stephen | 5

The instructor keeps it relevant and engaging.

Tammy | 5

Tammy | 5