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I enjoyed the hands on examples and exercises. They were able to help connect the information to practical application.

Brandon | 5

The formal explanation of the tools and processes tied with examples that makes students understand the concept much better.

Martin | 5

Learning how to organize different data points in Minitab.

Rob | 5

Broad spectrum of topics covered with enough detail to be relevant while maximizing time

Patrick | 5

Marc did a fantastic job relating the course to all types of real world issues

Greg | 5

The small size of the class, Instructor's knowledge and interaction within the class along with the practical exercises.

Elizabeth | 5

The practical application to my job.

Cana | 5

Greg was the best!

Cana | 5

How interactive it was. It made the material more interesting and made it easier to pay attention.

Kristen | 5


Urvi | 5

I enjoyed the hands on application of the material throughout the course.

Connor | 5

I really enjoyed the time we had to apply what we had learned. The airplane and the spaceship were perfect ways to make us struggle a little and fully understand what we learned. Our instructor was incredible and did a great job of explaining anything we

Lauren | 5

My favorite part about the course was honestly Jaclyn. Every single example she gave was extremely relatable, and it was very easy to learn from her. She also helped teach us the statistics background as though we were in a basic level class. I feel as th

Matthew | 5

Jaclyn was very good. Taught us how to do the calculations, but also made us think about what the numbers really meant.

Libby | 5

The instructor making the information very clear and understandable.

Tonya | 5

I liked the projects and group interaction. The tools cane alive as we worked through the projects. The instructor was excellent and broke things down to practical terms without degrading the concept being taught.

Willie | 5

Ruby | 5

The demos and examples were excellent. The last day with Minitab was also very helpful.

Scott | 5

Brion's real life examples and working through actual tests on my computer.

Scott | 5

The instructor. He is able to explain things in such a way that a wide variety of people with different experience can understand. Also, he made it very clear that he will be available to assist in our GB project completion and will be available for fut

Stacey | 5