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Instructor did such a great job of bringing in healthcare examples from her experience, tailoring her presentation exactly to the audience and keeping us engaged. Excellent!

Nicholas | 5

Instructor was an incredible facilitator. I have never seen a more engaged six sigma training with such fruitful and lively conversation among participants and the trainer.

Janine | 4.5

The group of people attending the class worked well together. Very interesting dynamics and expertise presented from each person in the class.

Chris | 5

Instructor has a great way of explaining the material and also linking real life examples to it which bring them to life.

Mike | 4.5

Instructor's presentation style and methods. He was always clear, concise, and to the point. He encouraged participation, asked questions to make the class really "think", and gave lots of real-life examples during his discussions.

Jeffrey | 5

I like the flow of working through the process from step 1. I like the examples of practical applications that could easily be related to every day activities.

Craig | 5

Nothing really stood out as it was only the intro. I had a great follow up with instructor, by the end of the class.

Jorge | 3.5

Entertaining instructor, experience backed up his teaching, valuable input on application of course material to specific industry needs

Riley | 4.5

I like the support/feedback that the instructors provide when completing a project. For the most part they are easily available.

Timothy | 5

I enjoyed the Instructor using real life experiences to explain specific concepts of Six Sigma and when to use certain graphs, etc.

Timothy | 5