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Logical Thinking and analysis tool

Jianjie | 5

The step by step instructions on using the tools in Minitab

Meiyen | 5

Brion was an excellent instructor and presented the information in a clear manner with plenty of examples to provide context. Handout material was organized and valuable.

Chris | 5

The defensible data aspect of 6 sigma is great. George was great.

Colin | 5

I loved doing the exercises in class. They really helped me grasp the concepts better. Donna was an amazing instructor!!! She gave good examples and explained the content very well. The minitab training was my biggest take away from the course so far. Thi

Breana | 5

The tools/methods used for "Analyze" and "Improve" were quite beneficial. Dave Zemke delivered the instruction effectively and efficiently. He was detail-oriented and was attentive with addressing/resolving questions. Undoubtedly, he values the career s

Jane | 5

the real examples were very beneficial for me to relate to the topics I was not exposed to before. Also, the breaks in every hour would help to get a short break and get your mind back on the game.

Maryam | 5

I really appreciated the manner that Mr. Foster took the time to answer all of our questions.

Richard | 5

Instructor ensured we understood the material - very accommodating

Nicholas | 5

Full interaction and practical approach with examples to physically work through

Nicholas | 5

The exercises used during the course to demonstrate concepts - Helicopter flight time and space ship. Review exercises are a helpful refresher.

Karen | 5

The review every morning

Karen | 5

Week 2 was awesome as I was able to learn real life scenarios that apply directly to my job. I feel enabled to apply my learnings to my current position.

Christopher | 5

Marc is a great instructor. He was able to relate the course material to our jobs/industry which helped illustrate the concepts more.

Zoe | 5

The instructor was very informative, and very knowledgable. kept me interested throughout the training.

Anthony | 5

Anthony | 5

Learning about new tools to take a deeper analytical look into problem solving.

John | 5


Sean | 5

I was impressed with the ease with which the principles were applicable to each student's industry. The instructor worked with each individual on projects specific to their field of work.

Deborah | 5

The small size of the class made it easier to discuss processes and concepts in a way that made the subject matter relevant and applicable to everyone.

Deborah | 5