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Susan | 5

the organization and samples of the theory

Maria | 5

Garland | 5

Garland | 5

Donna Whitaker presented the material very clearly and made sure to explain things in laymen's terms if I wasn't able to understand it at first. I also loved the fact that she is so personable and often added humor throughout the week. I have been to se

Sunny | 5

Greg is very knowledgeable. The resources provided. The food and snacks.

Luis | 5

Robert | 5

Ed is a great instructor! He is engaging and knowledgeable and it is hard to be in training all day but he made the time fly.

Amber | 5

Active engagement and minitab walkthroughs were helpful

Ron | 5

Ed made it very simple for us to relate to how we will implement to our projects and orders modules based on his experience

Apeksha | 5

Trainers ability to keep us awake and interested all the time! In a wee long training, I did not sleep for even a minute. Never happened before with me. Course is very practical and although the book is arranged in a certain order, Ed explained in an or

Apeksha | 5

Enjoyed the engagement and dialogue throughout the class. The instructor was extremely approachable and took additional time to discuss anything a student wanted to talk about.

Donny | 5

First - the instructor was awesome. The knowledge that Ed brings to the class made this enjoyable and allowed me to relate the methodology to real life situations. Second, I liked the practical exercises.

Cammy | 5

Instructor and the course exercises

Cammy | 5

I liked how the instructor taught the course material. The stories and examples demonstrated the lesson topic so the class could be in the right frame of mind, and then he would cover the slides to reinforce the key points.

Whitney | 5

Rich was very engaging and knowledgeable. I enjoyed his correlation of data to our respective professions, and I have already learned methods I can apply to my program right away.

Jacob | 5

Richard was an amazing instructor. He was able to explain all aspects of the six sigma training effectively and in a concise manner.

Jacob | 5

The instructor was outstanding. He did a fantastic job of relating the material to our career field and was very apparently extremely knowledgeable on the course material.

Alexandra | 5

All of it

Ray | 5

The opportunity to personally practice the course materials with hands-on during training.

Pedro | 5