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The instructor kept the class engaged. He was great!

Fatina | 5

Wishing I had taken it sooner and feeling sad that the first part was over so quick... I am new to 6 sigma and this course helped be ease into it and put it all in perspective, while giving me the first set of tools to get started and apply it to my own

Cristina | 5

Easy to follow format and very important lessons learned for past and future projects.

Cristina | 5


Chi | 5

Instructor! Group activities!

Ashley | 5

Instructor! She was phenomenal, excellent trainer. Applied concepts to practical applications!

Ashley | 5

Marshall's stories were great examples to the course material he was teaching. At first they were hard to tie to, but I was happy at the end that he shared stories and life experiences to illustrate the concepts he was teaching.

Justin | 5

Interaction and knowledge with and from frank . Very useful info was shared to be utilized in my own job

Hans | 5

Ed, the instructor, was very knowledgeable in the subject and was able to transfer that knowledge very well to a diverse class. He did a great job and did not skip a beat. This is no small feat at all!

Sean | 5

Zahira | 5

Instructor was excellent. Make you feel comfortable And created a good environment for interaction

Zahira | 5

The instructor, Greg Foster, was excellent. I have colleagues that are currently in separate classes with Six Sigma, and they are significantly behind on their own projects that my class.

Chuck | 5

Instructor was very helpful and encouraging.

Oscar | 5

Brion was a very methodical, clear and concise course leader that provided a very interactive class that made learning easy. He gave real world examples for typical projects that would occur. He gave good feedback and follow-up on additional course materi

Grant | 5

Ed Wright is a great teacher.

Ketul | 5

Marc was great! His real life examples really helped me visualize the tools he was training us on.

Mary | 5

Really excellent instructor

Joshua | 5

This course is very valuable for both work and life. Bruce did a great job going over the material. His hands on experience and sense of humor made the course more enjoyable. The number of breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions were perfect.

Sean | 5

Content, projects

Sean | 5

Todd | 5