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The teacher to student ratio allowed for lots of questions and engaging discussions.

Cynthia | 5

Convenient to take via webinar & instructor was very knowledgeable & engaging.

Carol | 5

Hands on training

Perry | 5

Greg taught the course by using our actual projects. Not only did this help me to get moving on my project, but to listen to what others were struggling with helped me further understand my project.

Jim | 5

As I said before, Bruce was excellent on the delivery of the content. He kept us energized with stories that we could relate to our current job and environment. Very pleased with the program and look forward to getting the certification and maybe do black

Fernando | 5

Bruce has a very nice way of explaining things out. He uses concrete examples that we can easily identify. Very conscious about our time and provide breaks so our brains can absorb the new concepts. I like the exercise that we did today, measuring the M&M

Fernando | 5

Interactions and with rest of attendees and projects

Jaqueline | 5

The learning of something new and how to carry that over into whatever career your in.

Chad | 5

It got me out of my comfort zone

Skip | 5

Skip | 5

Great instructor, Frank was very clear and easy to understand his examples. Materials (slide deck) was very good with lots of solid information.

Christopher | 5

Christopher | 5

Marc is a great instructor!

Le | 5

Marc gave a lot of real life examples in different professional fields to facilitate the contents in the book and class discussion, which was very helpful for me to understand some of the concepts that initially appears very abstract.

Le | 5

Loved the instructor who made some of the more mundane material look interesting and fun!

Wisam | 5

High energy. Instructor knowledge of material. Group work. Location.

Martina | 5

The instructor!! I flew fighter aircraft and instructed in the Air Force for over 21 years and I am currently conducting simulator training for future fighter pilots. By far, Peter is the best instructor I have ever seen. His expertise of the subject m

David | 5

"1. The knowledge of the trainer 2. The material 3. Coaching methodology and hand on training 4. Flow of the program 5. The Coach is Challenging the thinking out of the box"

Eli | 5

Knowledge sharing among the people in the room

Hugo | 5

Marc is very personable and did a great job at keeping the attendees enagaged. I especially appreciated that he treated us as adult professionals and allowed us to manage distractions (work) while ensuring that we were engaged and following along.

Terry | 5