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Instructor knows how to keep all of his attendees engaged and at the same time cater to different learning speeds. The Green Belt course is a must have for those looking to advance in their careers and add value to their employers.

Jason | 5

Instructor presents the material very clearly. I can say that I learned more on Week 1 about statistics than I did in a university level statistics class. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting interested in any of the belt classes.

?Lance | 5

Instructor found a way to relate the material to everyone's job/industry. I really enjoyed the real world examples that everyone brought with them.. But Instructor is the one who fostered that type of open environment.

Cassandra | 5

the instructor was very great, the examples she provided were very clear and aided the overall understanding of the material

Diana | 1.5

The interaction between the instructor and the attendees and the attention to detail she provided for even the smallest of projects or ideas for a project. The group setting and the encouragement of working together helps a lot too.

Josie | 4.5

Instructor was awesome and very interesting. He's a wonderful instructor and I look forward to taking my yellow belt course next year

John | 5

The course was not only a good time and entertaining but very well put together and stayed on course!

Cory | 5

Clear presentation of material by instructor and interaction/deeper dive with class on topics that were brought up by participants.

Terence | 5

Instructor was very informative and eager to help. Very knowledgeable and what she was delivering. Enjoyed the week.

Cory | 5

The instructor made the course enjoyable. The instructor also provided experiences to explain the material, which helped in understanding how certain topics could be used.

Julia | 4.5

The instructor was fabulous - she had ?real world? examples of how to use each of the tenets of LSS. I will definitely be back for Green Belt if she is the instructor. Very valuable course.

Christina | 5

As I reflect on this past week, I have a ton of positive feedback! I hope the text box is as big as I need it to be! First, the instructor, was top-notch! Her skill level in Lean/Six Sigma, as well as, life experiences (applicable and easy to understand stories) and statistical/mathematical knowledge were unbelievable!! Her ability to facilitate, teach, guide our thoughts and control the audience should be celebrated daily! The entire experience was refreshing, engaging, and truly memorable. The synergy of the class also helped. Everyone appeared to be engaged, while they learned at their appropriate level(s) and applied the material to their individual work situations. The free dialogue, that lacked judgment, allowed us all an opportunity to connect the learned material to each of our own lives. We felt comfortable (though the thermostat had other intentions, but it was mostly a non-issue) and this helped facilitate our growth with the material. The content, teaching style, atmosphere, people, expertise and material will be remembered throughout my lifetime. Thank you! I look forward to Week 2 and Green Belt Certification! If there is any way she could teach the January class, NRUCFC (my company) has a few more Green Belts starting their journey then. I would love for us all to receive the same message, expertise and instructor style, if at all possible. Thank you! Kind Regards, Shannon (looks like the text box was big enough) Thank you :-)

Shannon | 5

The instructor made the material interesting and related it to real world examples, which helped a lot with comprehension.

Victoria | 5

The experience from the instructor and being able to translate to all of our individual industries made learning it much easier and also easy to follow. It was very detailed and could be applied to day to day activities

Elizabeth | 4.5

Highly educational, presented in a fun and engaging way. They have one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from.

Anthony | 5

The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable regarding the class material. He was willing to answer any questions and made sure the class had a clear understanding of all topics.

Jessica | 4

Instructor did a good job of trying to relate all subject matter into different industries which was helpful for me being that I am not in manufacturing and needed to hear how it could relate more into service.

Mike | 4.5

Instructor is an excellent instructor, he was able to keep my attention, added humor to the room and was able to keep the course moving at a good pace.

Peter | 5

The binder with the material covered. I was able to bring back to work and read it and compare it to what we are already doing.

Sharon | 2.5

Instructor was very knowledgeable, with practical stories from his past to incorporate into the training.

Ryan | 3