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very detailed course with great questions and material that is covered

Doug | 5

Provides an excellent understading of the statistical tools necessary to conduct a Six Sigma project.

Pablo | 5

I very much enjoyed this course and feel that I have opportunity for immediate application of the materal in my day to day workflow.

Pilar | 5

this course provided an in depth overview of what a green belt consists of.

Romalvir | 5

The course exceeded expectations. Modules were thorough, but concise. Lectures were divided into managable chunks. Examples and supplemental course materials were excellent tools and helped visualize the usefulness of the tools.

Sam | 5

The course was structured very well and easy to understand.

Hlamalana | 5

Great, nicely presented and very applicable to my job.

Ibaad | 5

This class was very educational and made you think constantly. It always kept me on my toes.

Samantha | 5

Navigating the course content was very easy. Excellent course materials tied with good examples matched with clear audio. Overall, the course weakened my acknowledge in those initiatives l had once undergone practically. Thereby, solidifying my physcial knowledge with the theorical bits of it.

Samuel | 5

The subject matter was clear and understanding, pictures helped in relating to the process.

Sharmiza | 5

I am so glad and happy that I took this online course. The tests at the end of each module will keep you on your feet to ensure that you pay maximum attention to the details. I can't wait to apply the things I have learnt in this course for my project.

Vitalis | 5

Great course, notebook was very helpful.

Jocelyn | 5

enough information that I can perform at the level needed

Timothy | 5

The course was very Informatiive and Educative. The online instructor was also very responsive and communicative. The course is very detiailed and has definitely helped me understand more of the kind of job i do as a Test and Sample Developer at a major financial institution. The course has also helped me understand the decisions that my Leadership Team make and also understand the direction that we are heading to. The Knowledge i have attained taking this course will definitely take me a very long way in my career. Thank you

Uchenna | 5

This course is very powerful and learned lots of tools to use management decisions.

Suresh | 5

Amazing course and great work plan. I liked doing one chapter then testing on it.

William | 5

The course was challenging, satisfactory and fruitful,I shall recommend other industrial engineers to do the course.

Anathi | 4.5

I really enjoyed the content in the course and am excited to apply it to my project.

Amy | 4.5

I learned a lot through this course. I appreciate that it is self-paced. Thank you.

Aaron | 4.5

The course was well out lined and in line with my current job as a Value Improvement and Innovation Officer. i had challanges where the topic would request me to refer to the Balck belt as am the only one who has done this course and if all go well i will be the first one to do the black belt with your organisation. the mintab as a topic was a bit tough thou intersting at the same time.

Andrew | 4.5