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The instructor was smart, engaging and gave examples of real work that helped to demonstrate the concepts.

Karen | 5

the exercises and practical nature of the material. It's presented in simple terms that make it easy to understand and apply to your own work.

Duke | 4

Off site instruction afforded the best possible learning experience with the least amount of interruptions

Chris | 5

Excellent course and material presentation. Really made the objectives clear and concise. Good balance between hands on and directed time.

Neil | 4.5

it was explain/thought very clear on each section of the course. The instructor was very helpful on any of your problem regarding six sigma.

Mike | 5

The intimacy of a smaller group The instructor was great and engaging Enjoyed understanding the difference between Lean and SS.

Kellie | 5

The instructor really knew what she was talking about. the pace was good and kept us engaged with the participation activities.

Dolores | 4

Instructor was extremely engaging and created an interactive learning environment. The ability to use real data to work through minitab was extremely helpful.

Zac | 5

The ability to interact and work with the other students in the course. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and attempted to engage us in discussion on a frequent basis. I earned my yellow belt through the UW-Madison executive college and the yellow belt course included more lean topics, which I think would be valuable to include more lean concepts in the six sigma course.

Zac | 5

I enjoyed Instructor's facilitation and how she helped us work through our own examples. It was very valuable to have her help us apply the methods to our real world situations.

Kristin | 5

instructor was very knowledge and gave great examples. enough time was given to complete exercises, format for exercises were fun and easy to follow. appreciated all the breaks to be able to stay focused.

Tyra | 5

Hands on exercises were good as well as the number of real world examples. Could have used a couple examples in the financial services space, but examples are good. I took another green belt course 8 or 9 years ago that was very theoretical and lacked real world examples. It was difficult to imagine then how the six sigma process could be applied to many situations.

Kristine | 4

The instructor's knowledge and real world experience, as well as, the collaboration between the classmates.

Siju | 4

The instructor was awesome. Knew her stuff and presented the info clearly and in an easily digestible manner.

Jeremy | 5

Statistic presentations were well-done. Agenda was structured well. Participation and activities was helpful in learning.

Matt | 4

Instructor explained how to use complicated statistical tool is an easy to understand practical manner. Over the years I have taken several Six Sigma courses, but the knowledge gained from taking this course through surpassed my expectations. Mo?

Darrell | 5

The way on which the training is structured, in an easy and clear way to understand additional to the high skills of instructor, considering the opinion of all of us as participants. PGA method will be part of my mindset since now. Thanks, I m e?

Jorge | 4.5

The interaction between the instructor and the attendees and the attention to detail she provided for even the smallest of projects or ideas for a project. The group setting and the encouragement of working together helps a lot too.

Josie | 4.5

the instructor was very great, the examples she provided were very clear and aided the overall understanding of the material

Diana | 1.5

Instructor found a way to relate the material to everyone's job/industry. I really enjoyed the real world examples that everyone brought with them.. But Instructor is the one who fostered that type of open environment.

Cassandra | 5