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The two weeks -having them split by two weeks helped reinforce what was learned in week one.

Course Trainee | 4.4

I left this course more confident in my ability to apply the 6sigma methodology to my improvement opportunities

Course Trainee | 4.6

Excellent real-world examples to mix with theorypresented by competent instructor

Course Trainee | 4.9

Good examples used to give the class a better understandingof the case concepts

Course Trainee | 4.6

It is a good starter course for getting to basics of LEAN thinking

Course Trainee | 3.4

It's practical and illustrates sound industrial engineering principles

Course Trainee | 4.5

The ability of the instructor to bring the class together and share information

Course Trainee | 4.3

The instructor made the course one of the most meaningful. Clear and precise instructions throughout.

Course Trainee | 4.5

The instructor's subject knowledge and enthusiasm were evident and contagious. He is very good at what he does.

Course Trainee | 4.4

Instructor established immediate credibility. His real world practical experience. He was outstanding

Course Trainee | 3

Help bring together techniques that I have read about but not sure if I was using them correctly (self taught)

Course Trainee | 4

Having exercises allowed me to practice what was learned and put it to work. It was great

Course Trainee | 4.3

Scope and content were strong and met my expectations

Course Trainee | 5

The instructor was an excellent teacher. Able to go beyond material with extra info to make the material more relevant to the application.

Course Trainee | 4.4

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was an excellent

Course Trainee | 4.7

I enjoyed the instructor and how he kept the material interesting and real life.

Abbey | 3.6