Chicago Downtown, IL – Black Belt after Green Belt

Class is Monday to Thursday from 8 am to not later than 5 pm and on Friday will be done around noon.

Chicago Downtown, IL – Black Belt – Two-Week Training Course.

Note:  This program requires a prior two-week Green Belt program.

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Black Belt Certification

The public classes start at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday at most locations. The Two-Week Green Belt training is a prerequisite for this program. 

Location: Chicago Downtown, IL

To receive an email with this material in Adobe PDF printable format simple send an email titled Black Belt to blackbelt@dmaic.us

Classroom Features

  • Morning and afternoon snacks each day
  • Lite lunch will be provided in some locations
  • Professionally printed color laser student notebooks
  • Fun and exciting exercises
  • Fun learning atmosphere

Six Sigma Features

  • Access to course leader with extensive project experience
  • Student data files and Six Sigma templates
  • Generic Project examples
  • Project consulting support during each training week
  • Certificate after class attendance
  • Certification review of the Black Belt project
  • Certificate after project acceptance
  • Attendees will earn 5.3 CEUs and 64 PDUs from IACET and PMI respectively after fully attending the class

Course Fee: $4,000 including support for Black Belt Certification and printed course materials.

Attendees will receive two certificates, one certificate for successfully completing the training and another certificate for successfully completing a live project, which will designate individuals as internationally-recognized certified Black Belts.

The project is a real process improvement that the attendee chooses to implement for their current employer and requires them to put into action what they have learned. The certification for Six Sigma is based on the attendee’s ability to apply the principles to a real project. We will expect to identify a project to apply these concepts to for their certification.

Black Belt Week 1 Course Topics

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Review
  • Review Exercise
  • Central Limit Theory
  • Project Presentations
  • Advanced MSA
  • Advanced Capability
  • Multiple Regression
  • Nested ANOVA
  • DOE Planning
  • Randomized Block Designs
  • Full Factorials
  • Review

Black Belt Week 2 Course Topics

  • Week 3 Review
  • Review Full Factorials
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Exercise
  • General Factorials
  • Sample Size
  • Project Reviews
  • Optimization Designs
Minitab software is required for training. You may choose to download the 14-day free trial in time for the class.