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Lean Six Sigma is geared towards making organizations effective and efficient. Learn the trade secrets and unlock a highly rewarding career.

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Lean Six Sigma is geared towards making organizations effective and efficient. Learn the trade secrets and unlock a highly rewarding career.

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Lead strategic initiatives with the highest level of Six Sigma principles. Bring significant impact to business performance.


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Course Content

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt includes the course content covered in Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt. Right from the basics of Six Sigma, Lean methods, to optimizing processes to achieve better results. You will learn the statistical, analytical knowledge and tools required to start Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program.

The CLT tells us distributions of population, its shape, and approaches normality as the sample size increases. The output of it is useful as the research never knows which mean in the sampling distribution is the same as the population mean.

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) is a tool for analyzing the variation present in each type of inspection, measurement, and test equipment. It is the system used to assess the quality of the measurement system.

Capability analysis with non-normal data sets, one-sided limits and bounds, examples with software.

Using regression with multiple inputs, along with ways to create matrix plot, scatterplot, coefficients of determination, R-squared Adjusted, Test for Overall Significance, t Test, Collinearity, Variance Inflation Factor (VIF), Residual Plot, Transforming Data, Best Subsets Regression, Coding Categorial Predictors, Stepwise Regression, examples with software

Questions and best practices for setting up a designed experiment (DOE).

Experiments running all combination of factors, including concepts of Pareto chart analysis, Factorial plots, 2^3 factorial designs, 3-factor interactions, Curvature, Center points, Randomization, examples with software.

A brief review of everything taught so far. This will enable learners to reflect on what is taught while also making them clear any doubts or confusions they might have.

More efficient experiments by strategically removing some combination of factors, including topics such as screening variable, Full vs Fractional Factorial experiments, Confounding, Design Resolution, examples with software.

Experiments with different number of levels for each factor (some have 2, some have 3+), and topics such as Design Matrix, Predict Functions, Balanced ANOVA, General Linear Model, examples with software.

Techniques for sampling (simple random, stratified, cluster, systematic, subgroup), recommended sample sizes, Decision errors (alpha, beta, delta), Sample Size calculator (examples for ANOVA, Hypothesis Tests, proportion tests).

Conducting experiments with more than 2 levels, Response Surface Methodology (RSM), Contour Plot, Path of Steepest Ascent (PoA), Modeling curvature, Central Composite Design (CCD), Central Composite Face Design (CCF), Augmenting a Design, Model Restriction, Contour Plot, Surface Plot, Box-Behnken Design.

Finding the best combination of results with 2 output variables, starting with response surface optimization, modeling and reducing each output, examples with software.

Incremental experimentation for continuous processes, including cycles and phases.

Review of control charts, and details about control charts for variable and attribute charts (Individuals, Moving Range, X-bar, Range, p, np, c and u charts), examples with software.

Tool for tracking the activity for monitoring your processes, including control plans connecting to FMEA, specifications, control methods, capability, MSA, sample size and frequency, and reaction plan.

How to prepare your organization for change, including what makes a good leader, managing change effectively, why people resist change, dealing with resistance.

Covers Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt.

Each module will have its own tests and quiz. After the successful completion and clearing the passing rate, learners will go through a final evaluation. Successful completion of this evaluation will grant the learner the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

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How Do I Become a Lean Six Sigma Certified

Explore opportunities, grow boundlessly, learn exclusively

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Lean Six Sigma
White Belt

Introduction to Six Sigma and Lean.

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Lean Six Sigma
Yellow Belt

Learn the crafts of making processes efficient.

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Lean Six Sigma
Green Belt

Analytical knowledge to achieve effectiveness.

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Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt

Become the master, head projects, lead excellence

Top Opportunities for Certified Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt Professionals

  • Product and Process Engineer
  • Management Consultant
  • Quality Systems Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Program Manager
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Average salary of a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional ranges from





Trusted by Professionals Across the World

  • Joe was instrumental in coaching our team in deploying Six Sigma at the Wichita plant. He provided profound motivation to our champions and Black Belts to understand and effectively implement the use of Six Sigma methodology and achieve our business goals.

  • Peter is an expert in his field and shares that knowledge and experience with all of his students. His practical application of statistics and process improvement techniques provides customers with the tools they need to be successful in any industry.

    Jaclyn Waldrop
    Administrative Director at Performance Improvement at Trinity Mother Frances Health System
  • Joe and team kicked off one of the 1st BPI/SixSig efforts at Dell Inc. in 1997. The effort was focused around the returns process and netted quick sustained gains that are being realized today.

    Joseph Weis
    Program Manager Federal OCONUS at Total Quality Consulting
  • I have worked with for over 7 years now as our account manager, helping us to drive culture change throughout the organization. His skills, abilities and passion were instrumental in helping us to drive to a culture of continuous improvement with real financial results.

  • I have known Dr. Richard Lynch for over 20 years and personally saw his work as a colleague at both SBTI and Six Sigma Academy. Richard is that perfect blend of theoretical and practical statistician. That plus his over 10 years of lean and six sigma consulting make him a most valuable addition to any consulting team or organization. I strongly recommend Richard.

    Patrick Spagon
    Sr. Statistician at Six Sigma Academy
  • Frank Adler was a demanding noHold client. One that quickly grasped the implications of any conversation or presentation and drilled down into the critical issues. noHold’s service with MiTAC is one of our most effective, with a high ROI for MiTAC. This was a direct result of Mr Adler’s leadership.

    Donald Johnson
    MiTAC Digital Corporation (formerly Magellan Navigation)

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Frequently Asked Question

We suggest going with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. It will cover Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt. Also, you’ll be ready to undertake and lead Six Sigma projects with a team of Six Sigma professionals. Become job prepared with endless opportunities waiting for you!

As businesses push for process excellence, there is always a need for skilled and certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professionals. You can expect to work at managerial roles like: Product and Process Engineer, Management Consultant, Quality Systems Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, Program Manager, etc. The average salary of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is $111,000 to $140,000 annually in the US.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by 6Sigma is approximately 200 hours. Attendees are provided with 1 year of access to complete the course at their own pace.

A Six Sigma Black Belt certified professional operates in support of a Six Sigma Black Belt or leads a Six Sigma project.

  • Analyzes and solves quality problems.
  • Involved in quality improvement projects.
  • Participated in a project, but has not led a project.
  • Has at least three years of work experience.
  • Has the ability to demonstrate their knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is perfect for Quality system managers, Quality analysts and managers, Quality auditors, Quality engineers, Quality supervisors, and any other individual looking to improve their organization.


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