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The instructor was outstanding and very knowledgeable in all areas and made the class enjoyable

Wesley | 3.8

Since it was a refresher for the course, and we had a small class, I was able to actually work with the other young students and pass along my experience to them and assist the instructor.

Wesley | 3.6

She provided the basics for understanding the methodology in a way that was easy to see the big picture.

William | 4

I really liked Instructor's practical application. She was able to show ways to implement these ideas and methods in my profession.

William | 3.9

The instructor's enthusiasm for the material.

William | 4

The instructor was fantastic! His wealth of knowledge and his approach in making a somewhat "dry" topic seem interesting and digestable was great! Thanks Instructor!

Wisam | 4

Loved the instructor who made some of the more mundane material look interesting and fun!

Wisam | 4

The discussion between the attendees and the instructor

Yan | 3.9

Very competent and interactive instructor. Provided supplemental information that was not available in the course book.

Yannick | 3.6

Instructor was amazing, she kept everyone engaged and was extremely knowledgeable about the material. I was sad the training ended, but learned so much throughout the span of the four days.

Yvonne | 4

Instructor was excellent. Make you feel comfortable And created a good environment for interaction

Zahira | 3.9

The hands on learning though experiments

Zara | 3.8

Instructor was very nice

Zehao | 4

Instructor was excellent, keeping us engage with real world examples and interesting stories. Team activities were great in breaking up the learning materials, also great for the team to do their own analysis based on what's learned.

Zevilla | 4

6sigma has great instructor/teacher, always engaging the students with great stories and example cases.

Zevilla | 3.8