Dubai, UAE – Black Belt after Green Belt

Class is Monday to Thursday from 8 am to not later than 5 pm and on Friday will be done around noon.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training in Dubai, UAE. This program requires a prior two week Green Belt program.

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Dubai Black Belt Certification after Green Belt

To receive an email with this material in Adobe PDF printable format simple send an email titled Black Belt to blackbelt@dmaic.us

Classroom Features:

  • Morning and afternoon snack each day
  • Lite lunch each day except Friday
  • Professionally printed C o l o r Laser student notebooks
  • Fun and exciting exercises
  • Fun learning atmosphere

Six Sigma Features:

  • Access to course leader with extensive project experience
  • Project consulting support during each training week
  • Includes up to two hours of project start up assistance by voice and email prior first week
  • Includes up to two hours of project start up assistance by voice and email between weeks
  • Student data files and Six Sigma templates
  • Generic Project examples
  • Generic Project Charter examples
  • Certification review of Black Belt project
  • Certificate after project acceptance
  • On-site Consulting Support at a discounted rate

Week 1: Six Sigma Black Belt after Green Belt

  • Green Belt Review
  • Review Exercise
  • Central Limit Theory
  • Project Presentations
  • Advanced MSA
  • Advanced Capability
  • Multiple Regression
  • Nested ANOVA
  • DOE Planning
  • Randomized Block Designs
  • Full Factorials
  • Review

Week 2: Six Sigma Black Belt after Green Belt

  • Week 2 Review
  • Review Full Factorials
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Exercise
  • General Factorials
  • Sample Size
  • Project Reviews
  • Optimization Designs
  • Multiple Responses
  • Change Managment
  • SPC Review for Control
  • Control Methods
  • Final Review
  • Wrap-up